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Today, most businesses have global operations with clients, providers, subcontractors, or distributors abroad. They also have a worldwide presence through their websites. It is impossible to ignore the dramatic shrinking of the boundaries, or the increased reach of foreign courts and their repeated attempts at establishing jurisdiction, and controlling matters that may affect the local citizen.

We have represented companies doing business abroad and foreign entities doing business in the United States in joint ventures, cross-border distribution, licensing, outsourcing, or cloud computing transactions. These activities have involved many legal environment cultures and languages.

To perform our services we have worked in cooperation with our foreign counsels, who are part of leading information technology law firms located throughout the world.

For each of these types of global transactions, data privacy and security create significant issues that must be addressed in a timely fashion, or the proposed deal might be blocked or delayed by the relevant data protection authorities.

Examples of projects that we have handled for companies include:

Due Diligence

  • Review and evaluation of company's internal procedures and policies with respect to the creation, maintenance, use, protection, or trans-border transfer of employee or client information databases and marketing databases;
  • Review and evaluation of website and offline privacy practices.

Privacy and Security Procedures and Policies

  • Development, drafting, and implementation of worldwide company data privacy and security policies;
  • Notices to and contracts with personnel and other data subjects;
  • Personal data transfer agreements.


  • Compliance with local data protection laws in a variety of countries located on all continents;
  • Registration with foreign data protection supervisory authorities;
  • Creation, maintenance, and use of databases of employee data, client data, and marketing information in compliance with local laws.

Crossborder Transfers of Personal Data

  • Intra-company and inter-company transfer of human resources data, client data, or marketing information;
  • Compliance with foreign laws restricting the transfer of personal data out of the country; 
  • Safe Harbor self-certification program; 
  • Incorporating EU standard model Clauses in global transactions; 
  • Counseling clients on the use of binding corporate rules;
  • Personal data transfer agreements.

Counseling and Training

  • Counseling on global data privacy and security issues;
  • Advising clients on restrictions and requirements in connection with mergers & acquisition of global companies;
  • Training client’s personnel with respect to global privacy issues.